Who Was Oscar S. Gray?

Oscar Gray Sr. grew up on a farm near Terrell. Legend has it, that as a boy he poured over Texas Department of Agriculture yearbooks while recovering from typhoid, beginning a lifelong fascination with agriculture.


After he moved to Arlington in 1926 to teach agronomy at North Texas Agricultural College, he bought 46 acres between Fielder and Bowen Roads to plant pecan trees to give his students hands-on experience.   However, instead of pursuing a teaching career, he eventually turned the acreage into a working nursery and launched a business.   Over the years, he developed a high density method of planting pecan trees.

What Are The Qualifications for the Oscar S. Gray Scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded annually to students who attend high schools in Tarrant County and who have applied, and been accepted, to a school of higher learning.  The student must be enrolled in or applied for enrollment in a plan that leads towards a degree in the field of Horticulture, or any of its related fields.

High academic achievement is regarded favorably, but participation in extra curricular activities and in social and community affairs, as well as financial need, are considered.   

The scholarship amount is $1,000, and can be applied for each year of study.  

When Are the Applications Due?

Applications are due not later than April 30.  The application will be available online April 1, 2020.  In the meantime, please email us at for a copy of the application.